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WoW Strategy Guide 


By Brett Ganning


In this WoW Strategy Guide the aim is to understand the importance of strategy in the game.  World of Warcraft is not a game where you just wonder around, see what happens and hope for the best.  That will lead to a very poor experience.  Strategy is the key, so you need to think fast, think smart, think ahead, and make good choices.  Here are some ideas for WoW strategies to get you thinking the right way.


Wow Characters and Classes 


Players can select from ten character classes to be able to determine their main role in World of Warcraft. These are the following: Hunter, Mage, Rogue, Druid, Death Knight, Paladin, Priest, Warlock, Warrior and Shaman. Classes can be helpful for things such as support or tanking. A few classes are more helpful than others. For example, the Priest can cling on to the rest of the bunch alive with restorative or healing powers, making it one of the most hunted classes.


WoW Professions Strategy 


As your chosen class, you may select up to two primary professions and any number of secondary professions.  Choose thoughtfully! It would be wise to select a profession that suits a chosen class. Your chosen professions can help earn and save you money.


Professions are divided into two categories and these are the following:


  1. Primary Professions


Crafting: Tailoring, Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, Enchanting, Jewelcrafting, Engineering, Inscription and Enchanting.

Gathering: Mining, Herbalism and Skinning.


  1. Secondary Professions (Fishing, Cooking and First Aid)


Players are recommended to select a profession that fits their class, and choose multiple professions that are usefull and effective in combination. Here are some suggestions for matching classes with professions:

  • Hunter, Rogue, Druid and Shaman – Skinning and Leatherworking
  • Priest, Warlock and Mage  – Enchanting and Tailoring
  • Paladin, Warrior and Shaman – Mining and Blacksmithing
  • All – Herbalism and Alchemy, Mining and Engineering


The professions combination of Mining and Engineering is one of the most popular and adaptable combinations to all classes. Recipes of an engineer often consist of jewels that can usually be found in a variety of locations. A good place to acquire gems if the player cannot mine them is the auction house. To become an engineer, the gamer needs to find a trainer by asking a guard for instructions in a huge city. Having learned the basics of engineering, a player can then open up his abilities book by hitting “p” on the keyboard and search for the “Engineering” icon which has been added to his abilities.


Blacksmithing is another profession well matched to Mining. Like an engineer, jewels are often included in most of a blacksmith’s recipes. Most blacksmiths acquire rare jewels from other gamers. A few blacksmithing recipes necessitates leather, which can be bought by gamers from a skinner. To be able to become a master blacksmith, players must head to Outland in order to obtain training. At high levels, a gamer has the capability to dedicate himself as a Weaponsmith or Armorsmith.


This is page 1 of our Wow Strategy Guide. To read on and learn about gold, leveling, questing and honor,  see World of Warcraft Strategy Guide (page 2)