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WoW Rogue guide


By Brett Ganning


In this WoW Rogue Guide, you’re going to learn all about the Rogue class in the World of Warcraft universe. 


Playing a Rogue will appeal to a player who wants a fun, versatile, and kind of a sneaky character. Rogues are masters of stealthy styles of fighting, capable of dealing massive damage and escaping from combat easily.


Rogues have a tendency to not fight fair, preferring to strike when an enemy is disadvantaged rather than fighting up front as other classes are wont to do such as Paladin and Warriors. However, parties traveling or on a mission will find having a Rogue with them very useful as a Rogue can perform various tasks for the party. A rogue’s ability to blend in the shadows is good for reconnaissance missions and getting information. They can open locks, closed doors, and chests. They can detect traps and disarm them as well.


Rogue Races 


When playing a rogue, you can choose among eight races. Tailor your character according to the traits from a race that you wish will define your Rogue character well.


Human Rogues


Human Rogues have the following racial traits: Perception, Human Spirit, Diplomacy, Sword Specialization, Mace Specialization, and Every Man for Himself. The most useful traits to a Rogue are Perception and Sword Specialization. Perception increases one’s stealth abilities. Sword Specialization increases fighting abilities using swords and two-handed swords. These will come in handy specially when fighting against other Rogues.


Night Elf Rogues


Rogues that are Night Elves possess the following traits: Shadowmeld, Elusiveness, Quickness, Wisp Spirit, and Nature Resistance. Shadowmeld and Quickness are the two traits that will benefit a Rogue the most. Shadowmeld allows a Rogue to slip into the shadows, making him hard to detect by enemies, which is usually a defense strategy employed by Rogues. Quickness reduces the chance of being hit by 2% when attacked in a melee or by ranged weapons. Since a rogue prefers to use only leather armor, this trait compensates for the relatively weak protection from damage by this type of armor.


Dwarf Rogues


Racial traits possessed by Dwarves are Stoneform, Gun Specialization, Frost Resistance, and Find Treasure. A Rogue Dwarf will benefit most from Stoneform as this trait will increase armor by 5%. It will also make you immune to disease, bleed and poison. However, there is a 70% reduction to movement speed if you are from this race.


Gnome Rogues


Gnomes possess the traits of Escape Artist, Expansive Mind, Arcane Resistance, and Engineering Specialization. Aside from those traits, gnomes are small and can squeeze through small areas. These characteristics make Gnomes ideal Rogues. The Escape Artist trait is especially useful as this complements the Rogue’s sneaky style. This trait also allows the Rogue to evade immobilization or movement reduction efforts by his enemies.


Orc Rogues


Orcs have the racial traits of Blood Fury, Hardiness, Command, and Axe Specialization. Rogues coming from the Orc race benefit from Hardiness as this helps in fights especially against other Rogues. Blood Fury is also very helpful as it increases your attack power and gives you extra damage. However, this comes at a price of a 2 minute cooldown so you must choose well the situation where you activate this trait.


This is page 1 of our WoW Rogue Guide. To read on and learn about talents, and more, as well as a very special tip, see World of Warcraft Rogue Guide (page 2)