Dugi's Ultimate WoW Guide

If you only ever buy one guide, this is the one you need!  The most complete and comprehensive WoW guide available... period!    Check out Dugi's Ultimate WoW Guide HERE

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Check out our complete list of WoW Guide Reviews.  I review all the guides available so you can choose the best guide to get you more gold and leveling faster than ever! 


WoW Guide Reviews

Below is our list of WoW Guide Reviews. Any time we get our hands on new guides we'll test them out.  Any that are worth getting and using, we will review and list for you here.  We'll only ever list and recommend the best of the best so you don't waste your time with rubbish.  Also, I do not and will never recommend cheats or hacks or anything that will get you banned.

I'm often asked which is the best guide or which guide should someone buy first.  To me, Dugi's Ultimate WoW Guide is the absolute 'no brainer' to buy first.  For most people it's the only guide you'll ever need.  Many players however do go on to buy additional guides to either focus on a particular part of the game they want to improve or just to enhance and build on what they've learned from other guides.

My personal philosophy is that guides are a great thing.  We all have to pay good money to be in the game so why fumble around and waste time taking weeks or months (or longer) trying to work things out on your own?  That's expensive! It will cost you time, money and nerves! There are guides and technology to help you get to where you want to be so much faster, and will show you things you'll probably never work out on your own.  In my view, guides don't cost money, they save money.  Think smart.  Happy gaming!

Dugis Ultimate WoW Guide

Dugis Ultimate WoW Guide


Dugi's Ultimate WoW Guide

Many WoW players buy more than one guide and some maniacs like me get all of them!  But if you only ever buy one, this is the one you must get.  This is absolutely hands down the best overall, most complete and comprehensive WoW guide available.

Dave 'Dugi' Farrell's Ultimate Wow Guide includes comprehensive leveling guides for BOTH Horde and Alliance, a great gold guide, plus a beginners guide, professions guide,  class talent / gear guide, macro guide and much more. It is also regularly updated, which is so important as WoW changes all the time.

Check out the FULL REVIEW or go straight to Dugi's Ultimate WoW Guide now.

Zygors leveling guides

Zygors Leveling Guide


Zygor's In-Game Leveling Guides

Zygor's guides by John Cook are really excellent.  They are great for advanced players who want to learn how to level higher and faster, but they are also set out in such a simple, efficient step by step format that they are just as great for beginners as well.

Being "in-game" makes it faster and easier also because you don't have to constantly minimize so you can check the next hint.

There are leveling guides for both Horde and Alliance which you can get seperately or together in a great package which includes 6 bonus guides.  Great guides and great value.

Check out Zygor's Leveling Guides here.

Idemise Leveling Guides

Team iDemise Leveling Guide


Team iDemise Leveling Guides

The iDemise leveling guides are dedicated to leveling and are available for both Horde and Alliance but are quite different to Zygor's.

Although Zygor's is currently the number 1 leveling guide, iDemise has been very popular lately and getting alot of buzz. 

It uses a different technology which monitors the best routes taken by the fastest online levelers, and then lets you know by telling you which quests to take and which to pass over.  I don't know exactly how it works but it's good... real good.

iDemise boasts the "shortest route to level 80" but It's not quite as simple to set up as Zygor's so beginners might prefer to go with Zygor's. 

Check out iDemise Leveling Guides here.

Gold Secrets Guide

Gold Secrets Gold Guide


Gold Secrets Guide

Gold Secrets, by Luke Brown is a great guide dedicated to getting gold.  Gold is of course the primary currency in WoW and to move through the game successfully you need gold and lots of it.

This is a comprehensive gold guide by an experienced gamer which shows you exactly how to get up to 400+ gold per hour so you never have to buy it again, and you don't have to risk using hacks or getting banned.

Great guide for WoW players who are really focused on mastering the art of getting more gold faster. 

Check out the Gold Secrets Guide here.

warcraft millionaire

Warcraft Millionaire Gold Guide


Warcraft Millionaire Guide

Warcraft Millionaire by Brad Johnson is more than a gold guide, it's a blueprint to 1 million gold.  When you see Brad's system it's quite genius.  He has already maxed out his gold limit on several of his characters which is very impressive.

It is quite different to Gold Secrets guide and teaches a very different system of getting gold.  It also teaches a better fundamental understanding of the in-game economy and how it works.

It also comes with a great package of complimentary guides including auction house domination, warcraft basics, daily quests and grinding guide.

I personally like this one better than Gold Secrets Guide but I have to say there's great value in having both as they are very different.

Check out Warcraft Millionaire here.

warcraft pros - classes guide

Warcraft Pros - Classes Guide



Warcraft Pros - Classes Guide

Warcraft Pros by Conor Nash are guides dedicated to show you how to master your class and how to maximize your classes power.

There is a guide available for each class, or of course there is a great package deal for the lot which I think is well worth it given that most players either have or will eventually have multiple characters. 

I liked these guides more than I thought I would.  I do believe they make a great addition to the more essential guides (like leveling and gold guides) to 'fine tune' your character and maximise your progress through the game.

Check out Warcraft Pros here.

Penns Ultimate Professions Guide

Penns Proffessions Guide 

Penns Ultimate Proffessions Guide

This guide is the best professions guide i've seen.  It's dedicated to helping you improve your game by giving vital information specific to your characters professions . 

It covers both factions and all professions from 1-450.  It includes farming maps, material and recipe lists and much more.  All with step by step instructions and very well put together.

I really like this guide.  It's not the first guide you should buy but for the serious player it really does give great tips and strategies for getting that extra edge in your game.

Check out Penns Ultimate Proffessions Guide