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WoW Engineering Guide  


By Brett Ganning


In this WoW Engineering Guide,  you’re going to learn all about the profession of engineering in the World of Warcraft. 


Engineering in World of Warcraft is a primary profession that is worthy of exploration. This profession is for assembling stones, leather, cloth, and metals into useful parts that are ingredients in making mechanical devices, bullets, guns, helms, explosives, flying machines, and others.


Products that engineers make usually require more steps to complete than any other professions. Many engineering schematics or recipes need lots of different parts. Most items created by an engineer can only be used by another engineer as these items require engineering know-how to use. Engineering devices are known to breakdown and malfunction, sometimes hilariously. 


Hopefully this WoW Engineering Guide will help you avoid some of the pitfalls and make the most of your engineering career in World of Warcraft.


Engineering gadgets and instruments contribute a technical feel. A very good companion to engineers is the Mining Profession. Miners gather and prepare ores into a number of bars that are often required to create most of the items of the Engineering Profession.


Engineering with Mining saves a lot of gold on certain items that require certain materials. For example, Thorium and Mithril are easily mined but are expensive in the Auction House. Schematics or recipes also require jewels. Some need leather. These ingredients may be bought from the Auction House, given by other players, found as monster drops, or by fishing. 


Becoming a WoW Engineer


To become a WoW engineer, players should undergo beginner training from engineering trainers. As Professions increase in their levels and points, more and more items and abilities open up. Every profession starts at the Apprentice level. A minimum of level 5 is required to be an Apprentice engineer.


Various trainers can be found in major cities. Apprentice engineers can gain up to 75 skill points before they can progress to the next proficiency. At 50 points, Apprentices may begin to undergo Journeyman training. Journeyman engineering is the second stage of engineering training. This stage requires level 10. Journeyman engineers can have a maximum 150 skill points. At 125 points, Journeymen can start raising their ranks to the next level. Stage three is Expert engineering. This proficiency requires level 20. Experts can earn 225 maximum skill points. 


WoW Engineering Specialization


Specialization becomes available upon reaching 200 points and level 30. Expert engineers can have the option to specialize into either Goblin engineering or Gnome engineering. Gnome and Goblin are two different schools for learning advanced engineering. They can gain up to 375 skill points. Gnomes are experts in gadgetry and devices while Goblins specialize in explosives. Each character class in the game will find the items crafted by these two disciplines useful. 


There is a step by step process in becoming either Gnome or Goblin. After speaking to Alliance or Horde engineering trainers, this depending on the player’s side, a referral must be obtained from the appropriate trainer.


Alliance players may talk to Liliam Sparkspindle in the Dwarven District, StormwindCity. Horde players can speak with Tinkerwiz in Ratchet, the Barrens. Afterwards, the player is sent to a specialized trainer depending on which specialization, either Gnomish or Goblin, is selected. This again depends on the player’s side. For Gnomish, players will approach either Tinkmaster Overspark in Tinkertown, Ironforge or Oglethorpe Obnoticus in BootyBay, Stranglethorn Vale. For Goblins, players will go to Nixx Sprocketspring in Gadgetzan, Tanaris. 


This is page 1 of our WoW Engineering Guide.  To read on and learn about the higher levels of Engineering, where to find Engineering Trainers, and more,  see World of Warcraft Engineering Guide (page 2)