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WoW Druid Guide


By Brett Ganning


In this WoW Druid Guide,   you’re going to learn all about the Druid Class in the World of Warcraft universe. 


 The Druid class is one of the most versatile classes. Due to the skills available to the Druid, your character can behave like a warrior, rogue or a priest. Aside from being able to fight and cast spells, the Druid also has the ability to take the shape of an animal, mainly the bear or cat form. Basically, as a Druid, your character harnesses his power from nature. Due to these characteristics, there are limitations in terms of the race that you can belong to, the make of your armor, and the weapons you are allowed to use.


I've written this WoW Druid Guide to help you learn some of the important elements of being a Druid so you can get the most out of the Druid character.


Druid Races 


A Druid can come from the Night Elf and Tauren races. Your Druid will get some traits specific to the race of your choosing.


A Night Elf Druid has the racial traits of Shadowmeld, Elusiveness, Quickness, Wisp Spirit, and Nature Resistance. Shadowmeld allows your character to hide in a sort of stealth mode which reduces the chance of enemies to detecting you. There is a two minute cooldown after this trait has been activated. Elusiveness complements the Shadowmeld trait as it further reduces detection by enemies since those at a higher level can have the chance of sniffing you from your hiding spot even if Shadowmeld is activated. Quickness increases your chance of dodging attacks whether in a melee or ranged by 2%. With Wisp Spirit, you get to be transformed into a wisp. In wisp form, your speed is increased by 75% until you are revived. Nature Resistance protects you from being hit by Nature spells by 2%.


If your Druid is of the Tauren race, he will possess the War Stomp, Endurance, Cultivation, and Nature Resistance racial traits. With War Stomp, your character can stun up to five enemies who are within eight yards for two seconds. Instantaneous with only half a second needed to cast, this is especially useful against other spell casters as this will interrupt them when they are casting spells with casting delay. Keep in mind though that this trait requires a two minute cooldown when used. Endurance provides Taurens with a 5% increase in their Base Health. Cultivation is a passive trait that gives your character fifteen bonus points in Herbalism. However, this will not mean anything to you if you are not interested in pursuing Herbalism as a profession. Nature Resistance of the Taurens are the same as of the Night Elves, giving the Druid a reduced chance of getting hit by Nature spells by 2%.


Druid Shapeshifting 


Whatever race you choose your Druid belongs to, he still has access to the shape shifting abilities available to this class. Shapeshifting to another form is usually done during fighting and it is up to you to learn which form is suitable for which fighting situation. When in shape shifted form, your druid will be considered a Beast. In order to cast spells and heal, you have to shift back to Druid form.


The ability to shapeshift starts at level 10. At this level, you have access to bear form. While in Bear form, your druid is treated as a Warrior and will behave according to this class. Bear form is best used when you want to have increased armor, attack rating, and hit points. When attacking in bear form, you have 30% more threat than when in Druid form. This form is also useful when your party needs to tank someone. Other abilities available in this form are Taunt and Stun. At level 40, you can achieve Dire Bear Form which is an upgraded version of Bear form.


This is page 1 of our WoW Druid Guide. To read on and learn about levels 16–70, talents and more,  see World of Warcraft Druid Guide (page 2)