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World of Warcraft Rogue Guide


By Brett Ganning


Note: This is page 2 of our World of Warcraft Rogue Guide, see page one here: WoW Rogue Guide. 


Undead Rogues


The Undead possess the traits of Will of the Forsaken, Cannibalize, Underwater Breathing, and Shadow Resistance. The Undead Rogue is one scary enemy and you can bring out your cruel side playing this character. Most useful to the Undead Rogue is the Will of the Forsaken as it removes any effect from Charm, Fear, and Sleep. Cannibalize is also useful especially after  combat as you can bring up your health levels by feeding off corpses.


Troll Rogues


Trolls are capable of Berserking, Regeneration, Beast Slaying, Throwing Specialization, Bow Specialization, and Vodoo Shuffle. Berskerking is very helpful to a Troll Rogue during battle. When activated, attack speed is increased up to 30%.


Blood Elf Rogues


Blood Elves have the racial traits of Arcane Affinity, Arcane Torrent, and Magic Resistance. Arcane Torrent is useful to the Blood Elf Rogue as enemies within eight yards are silenced and your Energy is restored by 15.


Rogue Talents 


 As a Rogue, you have three talent trees to choose from to play out your character.


Combat talents improve the Rogue’s chances while in fighting. Weapon damage and attack speed are improved by attaining talents from this category. These are useful in times when you’re in the middle of a fight and there’s no time to sneak up on the enemy.


Rogue Combat Talents


Combat talents are: Improved Gauge, Improved Sinister Strike, Dual Wield Specialization, Improved Slice and Dice, Deflection, Precision, Endurance, Riposte, Close Quarters Combat, Improved Kick, Improved Sprint, Lightning Reflexes, Aggression, Mace Specialization, Blade Flurry, Sword Specialization, Weapon Expertise, Blade Twisting, Vitality, Adrenaline Rush, Nerves of Steel, Throwing Specialization, Combat Potency, Unfair Advantage, Surprise Attacks, Savage Combat, Prey on the Weak, and Killing Spree.


Specializing in this branch makes your Rogue suited to player versus environment combat.


Rogue Assassination Talents


Assassination talents lash out burst damage as they enable your Rogue to rack up combo points during combat. Your poison applications are more effective and you get to be able to wield critical hits more frequently. Specializing in this branch will make you better in player versus player combat.


Talents in this tree are: Improved Eviscerate, Remorseless Attacks, Malice, Ruthlessness, Blood Spatter, Puncturing Wounds, Vigor, Improved Expose Armor, Lethality, Vile Poisons, Improved Poisons, Fleet Footed, Cold Blood, Improved Kidney Shot, Quick Recovery, Seal Fate, Murder, Deadly Brew, Overkill, Deadened Nerves, Focused Attacks, Find Weakness, Master Poisoner, Mutilate, Turn the Tables, Cut to the Chase, Hunger for Blood.


Rogue Subtlety Talents


Subtlety talents will suit you if your strategy is to stay hidden as you build up combo points in your opening move. Talents from this category will suit you if your style is sneaking up on your enemies in player versus player combat. Talents in this category are: Relentless Strike, Master of Deception, Opportunity, Sleight of Hand, Dirty Tricks, Camouflage, Elusiveness, Ghostly Strike, Serrated Blades, Setup, Initiative, Improved Ambush, Heightened Senses, Preparation, Dirty Deeds, Hemorrhage, Master of Subtlety Deadliness, Enveloping Shadows, Premeditation, Cheat Death, Sinister Calling, Waylay, Honor Among Thieves, Shadowstep, Filthy Tricks, Slaughter from the Shadows, Shadow Dance.


Rogue Tips 


 When playing out your Rogue character, be mindful that while you can deal a lot of damage and fast, your use of leather armor does not allow you to take that same amount of damage. Thus, you should learn to control agro.


Corollary to that, since you are less dependent on armor, compensate by getting the best weapons you can have.


I hope you’ve enjoyed and learned alot from this World of Warcraft Rogue Guide.  Actually you look like a bit of a Rogue to me J….. now get to it!


(This is the 2nd page of our World of Warcraft Rogue Guide, for page one click here: WoW Rogue Guide.)