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World of Warcraft Druid Guide


By Brett Ganning


Note: This is page 2 of our World of Warcraft Druid Guide, see page one here: WoW Druid Guide. 


At level 16, you get to be able to transform to Aquatic or Water Form. In Water Form, your character has increased speed when swimming and can breathe underwater. This is very useful when you are traveling by water. You can also shape shift to this form when you are engaged in an under water fight and about to run out of air. Just shift to Water or Aquatic form to replenish air, then switch back to Druid form. This is because you can’t use your other Druid fighting abilities or cast spells while in Water Form.


At the 20th level, you can shape shift to Cat form. This is best activated when you go soloing, want to sneak past enemies, or want to do more damage. In this form however, your threat is reduced when compared to other forms. This is also when your Druid is played out like a Rogue since your abilities when in Cat form are similar to Rogue abilities. When in this form, you have access to the following: prowl, claw, rip, shred, tiger’s fury, rake, dash, cower, track humanoid, pounce, feline grace, and ferocious bite.


At level 30, you have the ability to shift to Travel Form. In this form you have increased movement speed but you cannot use this form underwater or when indoors.


At level 68, you get to shape shift to Flight Form which allows you to have a 60% increase in speed when moving about in the Outland. At level 70, this gets upgraded to Swift Flight Form wherein the increased speed is at 280%. 


Achieving the ability to shapeshift to these forms can be attained from the Druid Training or are rewarded after finishing a quest.


Druid Talents 


 As a Druid, there are three talent trees available to you- Balance, Feral and Restoration.


The talents in Balance will appeal to you if you want more damaging spells. Talents are: Improve Wrath, Nature’s Grasp, Improved Nature’s Grasp, Improved Entangling Roots, Improved Moonfire, Natural Weapons, Natural Shapeshifter, Improved Thorns, Omen of Clarity, Nature’s Reach, Vengeance, Improved Starfire, Nature’s Grace, Moonglow, Moonfury, Moonkin Form.


In the Feral tree, your abilities while in animal form are enhanced. Talents are: Ferocity, Feral Aggression, Feral Instincts, Brutal Impact, Thick Hide, Feline Swiftness, Feral Charge, Sharpened Claws, Improved Shred, Predatory Strikes, Bloody Frenzy, Primal Fury, Savage Fury, Faerie Fire, Heart of the Wild, Leader of the Pack.


Lastly, the talents in Restoration improves your Druid’s abilities to heal. Talents here are Improved Mark of the Wild, Furor, Improved Healing Touch, Nature’s Focus, Improve Enrage, Reflection, Insect Swarm, Subtlety, Tranquil Spirit, Improved Rejuvenation, Nature’s Swiftness, Gift of Nature, Improved Tranquility, Improved Regrowth, Innervate.


I hope you’ve enjoyed and learned alot from this World of Warcraft Druid Guide.  Do you have the heart of a Druid lurking within you? ….. now get to it! 


(This is the 2nd page of our World of Warcraft Druid Guide, for page one click here: WoW Druid Guide.)