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World of Warcraft Alchemy Guide


By Brett Ganning


Note: This is page 2 of our World of Warcraft Alchemy Guide, see page one here: WoW Alchemy Guide. 


More Alchemist Leveling


The next level is the Master stage. This fifth stage needs level 50 with the right trainer (Master Alchemy Trainer or higher). A maximum of 375 points can be gained by a Master.


The sixth and highest stage is the Grand Master level. A skill level of 350 is needed to learn the Grand Master abilities. Level 65 is required to get to this stage under the appropriate trainer (Grand Master level). Grand masters can have as much as 450 points. The required skill levels mentioned do not include special racial trait or bonus skill points. 


Alchemist Recipes


Being an Alchemist and an Herbalist saves gold. Herbs are very much involved in all alchemical recipes. Although there are other ways to acquire the needed herbs to make the potions, they are often times expensive and impractical.


A team-up of these two professions guarantees a steady supply of reagents to complete a recipe. Creature drops that are necessary to make potions are quite easy to find. The alchemist’ skill in brewing potions and elixirs and transmutation makes this profession highly in-demand in the game. 


Other player classes find potions, elixirs, and transmuted materials useful. They restore health, increase ratings, and give considerable advantages that make encounters less difficult.


They are also important to other crafting professions. An example is the item Arcanite that is used by Blacksmiths in their recipes cannot be mined and can only be transmuted. As an alchemist, players can sell these items at a good price.


Transmutation would require a Philosopher’s Stone equipped in the inventory. Level 35 alchemists and higher can create a Philosopher’s Stone. After transmuting, a cool down period must pass before another transmutation may take place.


Alchemy can be unlearned at any time. However, skills are reset to zero as well as all recipes learned. 


Alchemist Specializations


Level 68 alchemists with skill points of 325 may begin to choose and learn one of three specializations. Switching from one to another costs a certain amount of gold. Simply return to the specialization trainer. Once the specialization is unlearned, another one may be learned.


Specialization can give the alchemist a chance to create increased additional items of the same recipe. Alchemists can specialize in the categories of potions, elixirs, and transmutations. 


Alchemist Potions


Specialization in potions makes an alchemist a Master of Potions. To do this, travel to Cenarion Refuge in Zangarmarsh and train under Lauranna Thar’well. A quest must be completed. This quest requires gathering and bringing back the Botanist’ Field Guide, Five Major Dreamless Sleep potions, five Super Mana potions, and five Super Healing potions. This specialization allows an alchemist to create more than one potion. 


Alchemist Elixirs


For Master of Elixirs, find Lorokeem in Shattrath City. He will then assign a task. Lorokeem will require ten Essence of Infinity, five Elixirs of Major Agility, five Elixirs of Major Defense, and five Elixirs of Mastery.


 Master of Elixirs alchemists can produce more than one elixir for the cost of one when brewing high level elixirs. 


Alchemist Transmutations


The Master of Transmutations lets an alchemist specialized in this to get greater transmutation results. Master of Transmutation alchemists can get more than one items when transmuting. This is quite useful in making unwanted metals and essences into something profitable. The alchemist should go to Stormspire in Netherstorm and speak to Zarevhi. He will order a quest to gather and bring back four Primal Mights. 


I hope you’ve enjoyed and learned alot from this World of Warcraft Alchemy Guide.  Becoming an Alchemist is a very noble profession….. now get to it! 


(This is the 2nd page of our World of Warcraft Alchemy Guide, for page one click here: WoW Alchemy Guide.)