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What is World of Warcraft?  


By Brett Ganning


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To understand what is World of Warcraft,  you must understand its elements.  Here we start to look at some of the different componenets of the game.  This is just an overview,  you can find much more detailed information in the various guides found in this site to master “what is World of Warcraft”.


WoW Currency 


Currency is a vital element of the game.  Your character can earn or buy gold, silver and copper to finance your journeys and adventures through the lands of Azeroth.


WoW Transportation 


A variety of transport shortcuts become accessible as an online game player explores various locations. With every newly discovered location, players can come across “flight masters”. You can utilize Flight Master NPCs to fly to those previously discovered sites in other areas of the game world.


Facilities like zeppelins or boats can also be utilized by gamers in order to move from any of the three featured Azeroth continents.


Though the game world maintains its unique Azeroth flavour, real world events like Children’s week, Christmas, Halloween, Midsummer and Easter have been added giving a sense of ‘connection’ to ‘real life’. Players can also experience variable weather like snow, dust storms, and rain.  Elements like these help to make the game an amazing experience.


WoW Banks 


A variety of facilities are accessible to game characters when in cities and towns. Characters are allowed to access a bank in a number of facilities in order to place items like crafted or treasure bits and pieces, and gamers are able to acquire extra storage space.


WoW Auction Houses 


Auction houses exist in the most important cities of Azeroth as a means for gamers to sell virtual items to others the same way as online auction websites like eBay. Mailboxes can also be utilized by gamers, to accumulate virtual items won at auctions as well as to send messages, in-game money and items to other players. Mailboxes can be found in most towns.


WoW Dungeons 


What is World of Warcraft really all about?  To me it’s the thrill of conquering a dungeon challenge!


There are some difficult challenges in WoW requiring gamers to group together in order to defeat them. These typically occur in dungeons, which are also known as ‘instances’, wherein a group of game characters can enter and work together. Dungeons are scattered over the game world. Up to five characters are allowed to enter as a component of a group in a typical dungeon. A few dungeons entail more players to group themselves together and form an attack to face some of the harder challenges. Although more challenging, to the experienced gamer these can also be the most fun.


World of Warcraft PvP and PvE 


WoW is comprised of a diversity of means for player-versus-player (PvP) play. A few realms enable PvP combat just about anywhere in the WoW game world. In these environments, players of contrasting factions can assail each other at almost any location or time.


By contrast, a player may choose a player-versus-environment (PvE) server if he or she does not want to combat other players and prefers to deal just with the challenges of the environment and the creatures within it.


In both server types, special areas of the game world exist wherein free-for-all combat is allowed. For example, battlegrounds and dungeons. Contending in battlegrounds remunerates the character with honor points and tokens that can be utilized to acquire weapons and armors.


World of Warcraft Computer Requirements 


WoW operates on both Windows and Macintosh platforms. Boxed copies of WoW make use of a hybrid compact disc to install the game, eradicating the need for separate Windows and Mac retail products.


This MMORPG enables all players to work together, regardless of the operating system installed on their computers. In spite the fact that there is no certified version for any other operating systems, support for WoW existed in Windows API realization Wine and Cedega, enabling WoW to be played under FreeBSD and Linux.


In Mac OS X, WoW requires at least 1 gigabyte of RAM or higher while in Windows-based computers, this game requires at least 512 megabytes of RAM. It entails at least 15 gigabytes of free hard disk space in both operating systems.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and learned alot about “what is World of Warcraft”.  Are you ready to take on the challenge? ….. now get to it!  


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