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Ultimate WoW Guide Review  

Reviewed by: Brett Ganning

Rating: 5/5 Five Stars

Website: Ultimate WoW Guide 


This is my full Ultimate WoW Guide review. It's a big review, I want to give you the whole story, on what is in most WoW players opinions the greatest and most comprehensive of all World of Warcraft Guides available. Having just been through the latest version with all the upgrades including 1-80 leveling guides for both the Horde and Alliance, i'm itching to tell you what i think. 


I've read headlines on the web asking: "Ultimate WoW Guide, scam or the real deal?". Let's get this straight, i've never heard or read even so much as a hint of a rumour that it is a scam or in any way sub-quality, only the opposite. Headlines like these are simply marketing ploys to attract attention. Every one of these headlines will go on to say how it is in fact a brilliant if not the best guide. The truth is that Dugi's Ultimate WoW Guide is a well thought out, well written, well produced, well presented and well organised guide that absolutely delivers what it promises. Dugi has well over 10,000 customers, that says alot! 


Dugi is a master player with thousands upon thousands of hours of playing time (he plays more than 5 hours per day), who innitially created a simple guide that over time has evolved into a complete and comprehensive package which promises to dramatically speed up and improve your gold gathering, character attributes, questing and leveling in record time. It is full of detailed and effective strategies, which really do get the results you want. The package is so complete that I can safely say that pretty much whatever you are looking for, you'll find it in Dugi's guide.  


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So What Does Dugi's Ultimate WoW Guide Include?


Ultimate WoW Beginners Guide


Although this guide makes up only a tiny part or the whole package, this guide alone is better than half of the other guides on the market. You'll get a solid foundational understanding of WoW fundamentals so you can pick up concepts and skills quickly. Even if you have found your own way past the beginners stage, I think this guide is a great way to 'fill in the gaps'. You'll also learn how NOT to do what every beginner does, like wondering aimlessly, not knowing what to do next (eg. to finish your quest), not knowing how to spend your talent points wisely etc. 


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