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Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide Review  

Reviewed by: Brett Ganning

Rating: 5/5 Five Stars

Website: Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide


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Ultimate Horde and Alliance Leveling Guides. 


Now updated to level you from 1 all the way to 80 and fast. What I love most about Dugi's guide is he teaches you to do it through questing which will save you a ton of gold and in my opinion is a much more fun way to level. It also includes a Class Guide with a Talent and Gear Guide for each class, even the new Death Knight class. 


Ultimate Gold Guide


Here you will learn amazing gold farming strategies that can earn you loads of gold, fast and regular. Included are video tutorials where among other things, Dugi demonstrates how he makes 400g in 20 minutes. Impressive!   With the strategies from this guide I make 200-400g per hour no problem, and on a good day up to 500g or more per hour. The Gold Guide of course works great together with the leveling guide because the higher your level, the more gold you can collect. 


Ultimate Professions Guide


The Professions guide is brilliant, it covers every primary and secondary profession and shows how to level each profession up to 450 in the fastest and cheapest way. 


Ultimate PVP Strategy Guide


For those who love PvP action. Once you've had your first victory you're hooked. Very complete with step by step strategies to beat any other class with your character. Also includes a comprehensive Macro Guide which is essential for successful PvP combat. Includes video tutorials. 


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Ultimate Extras


Hours of audios and video tutorials, additional articles and a highly active forum


In-Game Leveling Guide Addon


This is what I love the most about the new version of Dugis leveling guide. He has discarded some of the more complicated addons from the previous version, and replaced them with a simpler, easier (and more fun) to use, and far more effective automated in-game guide. There is no installation required and it works on both PC's and MAC's. 


It shows up as a transparent rectangle which is very small and never gets in you way. It provides vital information and you can move your cursor over it to expand it and get more details. It will tell you the best sequence to do your quests, the best route to get to your next quest, how to best spend your talent points and much more. 


The Final Word


Dugi has the most thorough and comprehensive guide package available, full of genuine quality content. There is no cheating or hacking which can potentially put your account at risk, only legitimate, real, proven strategies that simply work. You can buy individual guides seperately, but of course by far the best value is the complete package, and it has a full money back guarantee as well which is reassuring. Ultimate WoW Guide get's 5 stars from me. 


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