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How to Play World of Warcraft  


By Brett Ganning


Note: This is page 2 of “How to Play World of Warcraft”, see page one here: How to Play WoW.


There should be a quest giver near the location where a player first showed up in the game world. Non-player characters (NPCs) with quests possess yellow exclamation points above their heads. These characters can be seen in the display map, which can be found on the upper right corner of the computer’s screen. By choosing them, players will be able to complete their mission and fulfill the experience of that mission as well as the virtual items that are being offered as rewards.


As players explore, they should also take note of varying colored exclamation points, as well as question marks along the way. Green colored exclamation points signify new flight paths. Gray colored exclamation points draw players’ attention to the mere fact that the NPC has a quest for them to perform once a required level has been finished. As players advance, they have to ensure that they revisit the areas wherein they were able to collect these missions.


Players must always be attentive to new flight paths. Blue colored question marks are set aside for sustained collection quests or those that are unlimited to the amount a player can turn in for a reward or XP.


To start attacking a character, players must right click on it. Abilities and spells can be applied on them by clicking the buttons that are provided in the action bar or by hitting the equivalent key on the keyboard. Players may continue their journey through the continents of Azeroth by accomplishing each mission and by killing bad characters.


WoW Playing Tips 


Players should try to kill any specie that is either higher or lower than their level while traveling because the experience will help them as they journey through different quests.


Before proceeding to the next zone, players must attempt to finish every mission in the current zone until they arrive at level forty. Players will be rewarded by obtaining more experience and achieve incentives for doing them.


Once level 10 has been reached, players will be able to get into the Warsong Gulch battleground, wherein two teams from the Horde and the Alliance play “Capture the Flag” in opposition to one another.


It is suggested that a player waits until levels 17 to 19 are reached to be able to experience a considerable challenge.


Some quests advocate grouping with others to accomplish a task. Most of these quests are dungeon quests. A few difficult species out in the world are too challenging to be defeated until a player has reached a higher level than these species.


To be able to defeat these creatures, it is recommended that one seek for help from other characters or guild mates. A player can make use of the LFG (looking for group) tool in order to find other players. If for instance, a player does not have any friends or a guild to play with on a specific server, he can then choose a class that is not difficult to level on his own. Some of the classes that are easy to level up are pet classes like Warlocks and Hunters. Lastly, a class which is in high demand must be selected if the player is interested in viewing dungeon content.


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