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Lich King Dungeons

Lich King Dungeons
does this mean the girl likes me???

ok so i have a problem. a while back our dungeon master lord elrich the ninth let some girl named Tamantha play dnd with us. i thought she shouldnt lay because we all know that girls cant play dnd and they should go back and hang out with the cool football players because they dont know how good a guy can be and nice and stuff. anyway so this girl rolled up an elf wizard, and at the time i thought she was being dumb. but then when we were in combat for our lives against the evil lich king she cast a 8th level Tenser’s Defenestration, which deflected the lich kings evil bolt of lightning at the cost of her life points. i used a potion to save her life though. did she do this because she likes me? help!!!!

i think you might be invoking the devil with your evil books, so no girl will go near your tiny peepee that the Lord has now cursed

Wrah of the Lich King – The Nexus (New Dungeon)

Warcraft Rogue Strategy Build

What do you think of my World of Warcraft Rogue Build?

Improved Eviscerate Rank 3
Malice Rank 5
Improved Backstab Rank 3
Lethality Rank 5
Assassination Total: 16

Improved Gouge Rank 3
Improved Sinister Strike Rank 2
Deflection Rank 5
Precision Rank 5
Riposte Rank 1
Dual Wield Specialization Rank 5
Combat Total: 21

Master of Deception Rank 5
Dirty Tricks Rank 2
Camouflage Rank 3
Improved Ambush Rank 3
Subtlety Total: 13

I admit I’m new to WOW but this is the build I’m currently working towards based on how I’ve been playing.

Any advice or criticism is welcomed.

My current strategy is…

Stealth behind – Ambush – SS – Gouge – Backstab – Eviscerate.

When in a group
Stealth behind – Ambush – Backstab- Backstab – Eviscerate.

At times I throw in a slice and dice or a couple more sinister strikes depending on the situation.

Believe me when I say this your spen will change if you plan on RAIDING in high end instances and\or if you will be PVP’n.
But other then that its not that bad of a spec youll just have to learn how to use it.

Rogue/Rogue 2v2 – Hit’n Run

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Resto speccing in WotLK Beta