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Warcraft Horde Cake

Warcraft Horde Cake
World of Warcraft Cake Topper?

I’m getting married in four months. My fiance and I are gamers and we play World of Warcraft (Horde) and we thought it would so fun to have a WoW cake topper. Has anyone seen one? Can anyone make one? Thanks!

O ya glad to hear your on the horde, i gots a blood elf pally myself but i have as a matter of fact seen one but idk about making it sorry.

Magni Bronzebeard

Burning Crusade Backgrounds

Burning Crusade Backgrounds
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WoW TBC Soundtrack 1 – The Burning Legion

Warcraft Paladin Charger

Warcraft Paladin Charger
world of warcraft question about riding and mounts!?

i just reched level 40 and wanted to get my lv 40 mount. i am a paladin, and to train my summon charger skill i need journeyman riding. which costs 40 gold! thast alot for me becasue i only have 24 at the moment. did you get your lv 40 mount right on level 40 or when did you get it? and what should i do?

i first started playing when you didnt get your first mount UNTIL you were level 40, and it cost way more.

yes, i got it right at 40 because i knew it was coming, and i planned ahead for it.

i dont know how you couldnt have enough…earning gold is so easy now. i started a mage after wrath of the lich king came out, did NOT send her gold from any of my other characters, and by the time i was 40 i had at least 300g just from questing and selling shit i didnt need.

i forget what the addon is called, but there is an addon that tells you how much items sell to a vendor for. if someone else remembers the name, please help me out. get that addon. if you cant use any of the quest prizes offered to you, it will tell you which item is worth the most, so you can sell it to a vendor and get more gold that way.

EDIT: the addon i am talking about is not auctioneer, im sure of that, because i do not have auctioneer installed. im finally at home and i was able to look it up. its called ItemDataCache, and it will tell you vendor prices for just about anything in the game if you hover over them

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