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World Warcraft Rogue Movies Video

Sony Vegas/World Of Warcraft?

So Im a Big WoWer and am Looking to make a really Awsome PvP Video. Ive Been looking at Really Good Rogue PvP Videos Grim – Perculator-Ect. and have Been Wondering What kind of Movie Making Programs they’ve Used. Dont know But I think They are Using Sony Vegas and Of Course FRAPS But I Wonder What Other Programs They use to edit/ Record them. If anyone Knows Would Be awsome =)

i know a guild i used to run with used gamercam to tape all our raids i dont know that it can be edited or anything like that but its a first person view of the run. hope that helps

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Warcraft Mage Movies

Warcraft Mage Movies
I’m losing my boyfriend to World of Warcraft?

My boyfriend is a level 80 Mage,and i’m a Level 10 Druid (i Just started Playing the Game) But lately He’s been spending More time Playing WOW,then With me.Before He used to come over after school to Hang out,but Now He goes Straight Home to Play WOW.When we go on Dates,We Go to the internet Cafe’ and Play WOW Instead of Seeing a movie.I play it too,but not forever.He plays for Days,and i’ll Play for about two Hours.Is it just me? or am i losing Him to WOW? I love Him,So much,and I know How addicting that Game is.I don’t want to tell him to Stop playing,Cause I know how much He enjoys playing WOW. What to do?

it’s interesting to see how people immediately want to break up this relationship.
No need for that, you just have to tell him that it’s ok if he plays his favorite game, but when you are with him you have to be the first priority.
Tell him to play the game when you are not around.
You knew what you was doing when you decided to accept him as your boyfriend. He’s a gamer and don’t try to change that because that always make things worse. It’s the same with alcoholics, it’s wrong to completely deprive them of alcohol, they just have to be convinced to drink less.
Your bf has to be convinced to play less. That is all there is to it.
If he can’t comply, THEN you should move on.

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Warcraft Hunter Chart

Warcraft Hunter Chart
World of Warcraft (WoW) toon question?

I have a Hunter and a Paladin at lvl 80 on the Grizzly Hills server. I love my hunter to pieces, but i really want a mdpsing toon. I am starting to re think my choice of the pally as a dpser. Am i just over thinking it? Should i just re roll as a rogue, warrior, or another mdps? or is the pally a perfectly fine mdpsing toon. BTW i want to top the dps charts, which is why im asking if i should re roll.

Mages and Warriors do top dps. I would prefer mages as their AoE do a lot of damage. Warriors with Shadowmourne just kill everything in sight. Hope this helps.

Vofler – lvl 19 hunter. (Owning WSG)