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Warcraft Death Knight Tank Spec

Warcraft Death Knight Tank Spec
World of warcraft question help?

Got my death knight… just wanted to know where is the best place to spend talents points..
Whats the best spec?
I want to be able to tank and lvl?


Frost and unholy are tank. Blood is the best way to go, for me atleast. In blood you can get blood tap and increased blood tap. It heals you, and you get the worms that heal you. Blood is all about healing, but it also is a great GREAT dp.

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Warcraft Druid Tank Gear

Warcraft Druid Tank Gear
Dose the 3.1 valor gear have a better cape with better dodge then the current valor cape? World of warcraft!!!?

I’m the 2nt best druid tank on my server and need to no befor i buy it.

Nope, Buy em, I’m the first At the moment on my server.
I am 45k hp when in any 25 man XD
Try pulling dead mines being the #1 or so druid tank lol, Try it…. It;’s like amazing!

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Wotlk Trinkets

Wotlk Trinkets

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