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Warcraft Mage Trinkets

Warcraft Mage Trinkets
World of Warcraft – Patch 4.0.1 – Who got nerfed?

Okay im a level 34 mage just downloaded the 4.0.1 patch and i watched alot a vids on youtube about tons of classes being nerfed and all around people said it was a failpatch?
So who was nerfed? Are Mages still good? Or better?

Thanks. Oh and another question: What does the Deathbringers Will do? The trinket you get from Saurfang

Okay some of the information is incorrect from Vealrado.

According to a blue post right now the worst classes in terms of damage are rogues and enhancement shamans. They will be buffing their damage. Fury warriors and Frost DK’s are rediculously high in damage right now. Pretty much most of every class in in balance. You have to remember that they are looking at it from a level 85 stand point. Level 80 doesnt matter because once the expansion hits its not going to matter anyway because people will be replacing gear and balancing out at max level.

As far as healing goes…they gave some love to Paladins/Priest because they were on the low end. I know with all of the paladin healing spells they were going to increase healing by 30%. Priest got some 30% increases as well.

So from a level 85 stand point that is how its looking and the information was posted by a BLUE.

As for as Deathbringer’s Will it changes depending on class. The main stat on it gives you 155 crit. On chance on hit you will turn into a creature of Northrend to increase combat capabilities. Here is the list:

The transformations the trinket provides are random, last 30 seconds each, and vary between classes.

Death Knight – +600 Strength, +600 Haste, or +600 Crit Rating
Druid – +600 Agility, +600 Haste, or +600 Strength
Hunter – +600 Agility, +600 Crit Rating, or +1200 Attack Power
Paladin – +600 Strength, +600 Haste, or +600 Crit Rating
Rogue – +600 Agility, +600 Haste, or +1200 Attack Power
Shaman – +600 Agility, +1200 Attack Power, or +600 Haste
Warrior – +600 Strength, +600 Haste, or +600 Crit Rating

Double Rainbow World of Warcraft (rainbow trinket)!

Warcraft Horde Cake

Warcraft Horde Cake
World of Warcraft Cake Topper?

I’m getting married in four months. My fiance and I are gamers and we play World of Warcraft (Horde) and we thought it would so fun to have a WoW cake topper. Has anyone seen one? Can anyone make one? Thanks!

O ya glad to hear your on the horde, i gots a blood elf pally myself but i have as a matter of fact seen one but idk about making it sorry.

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Wotlk Trinkets

Wotlk Trinkets

WOTLK Testing Deathbringer’s Will (DBW)