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Warcraft Leveling Build

Warcraft Leveling Build
How should i spec my level 62 Hunter in world of warcraft?

Hello, first of all i play on the laughing skull server, horde, blood elf hunter. I would like to ask how i should spec my hunter, i mainly want to level to 70 and i usually solo quests. Anyone have a recommended build? plz give detailed build. (not just 44/5/9 for example) keep in mind I’m a lvl 62 Blood elf hunter, Thank you very much.

There’s a good leveling spec – take points as you go. Make sure you put 5 points into lethal shots first, then just work your way down the BM tree. Switch to putting points down the marks tree when you finish off the BM one. :)
It’s also the optimal raid spec (best DPS, used correctly) so you should be able to burn stuff down fast. Your pet will have better tanking abilities with the BM spec. You can keep it well into raiding.

(70 MH/BT troll hunter here)

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James Warcraft Horde Leveling Guide

What is a good free guide for World Of Warcraft?

I need a good free guide something like this one

im a new player and if anyone has any tips on how to level up fast that would be nice :)

you should try gamefaqs.com it helps me on all of my games

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Warcraft Rogue Engineering

Warcraft Rogue Engineering
World of warcraft account for sale!?

i know this isn’t the best place to ask if anyone wants to buy my WoW account, but i’m just tired of wasting so much damn time on the game. so, i’m looking to sell it.
Theres an 80 UD Rogue, 80 Ele Shaman, and an 80 Feral Druid, all have cold weather, rogue has epic flying and 450/450 mining, 413/450 engineering, druid is 450/450 skinning also.
They all have a good amount of PvP gear, seeing as PvP was fun to me. more so than PvE.
Armory links and any other questions can be provided.
I know its against Blizz rules, but does that stop people from selling gold etc? nope, only way its clear that it was sold is if all the account info gets changed, and only the payment would be changed.
I posted =( so far only gotten people from out of town wanting to buy it via paypal, not quite so confident about those, just because they can do a chargeback scam and i’m out an account.

You do know it’s against the terms of use to sell accounts, right? It’s likely to get banned if sold.

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