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Warcraft Paladin Items

Warcraft Paladin Items
How do you get to the Hellfire Peninsula on WoW?

How do you get to the Hellfire Peninsula on World of Warcraft?

I bought the Burning Crusades expansion a week ago so I could get access to some of the extra features, and I have since seen online some interesting items which you can only get in the Hellfire Peninsula (Outlands).

Do I need to be a certain level to be able to get there?

My current characters are:
Warlock – Level 22
Rogue – Level 19 (will be lvl 20 tonight)
Hunter – Level 17
Warrior – Level 15
Druid – Level 12
Mage – Level 11
Paladin – Level 10
Shaman – Level 10
Priest – Level 7
(saving last character slot for a Dark Night, at level 55)

I also practise all professions (which can slow you down, but makes the most of all the stuff you get).

I don’t think thats bad considering I have only been playing for 3 weeks.

Thanks for any response,

Rogue ;o)

You must have a character of level 58 before you can enter the Dark Portal to Hellfire. When you manage to get a character that far, you would go all the way down southEAST in Eastern Kingdoms to the BADLANDS. Stroll through there, all the way south and you’ll see a large VERY LARGE portal gate looking thing, accept the quest from the guy infront of it, enter the portal and there.

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World of Warcraft icons messing up and random crashes?

So whenever I try to play World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade on my laptop the icons have a tendency to get fuzzy, mixed up, or not even show up at all. When I try to open my talent tree all of my icons get messed up and I have to alt+esc to get them back. They will stay normal for a while until I try to loot something, talk to a vendor or quest giver, or open a bag. If I open all of them at once my computer will crash completely and restart. The terrain is also giving me trouble, sometimes it won’t be grass or dirt, it will just be lines. I have at least 4,441 MB of free memory so I’m pretty sure this can’t be the issue. But I only have 1GB of RAM so that might be the problem. I’m not a computer whiz so your opinion would help immensley.

It does sound like your graphics card choice could be an issue. Especially if skins are not loading properly. A few things to do:

() Turn down the graphics settings on WoW. Do this by going into WoW, hitting [esc] and choosing video. Choose all settings that the computer recommends for “increases performance.” I ask that you do this because you may be asking your graphics card to perform at levels it was not designed for. This should lighten the load.

() Make sure that all Custom UI mods (Bongos, Cosmos, TitanBar, etc.) are up to date.

() Make sure that your video card drivers are up to date.

() Turn off all background programs that are running and are not necessary.

This should improve performance. If none of these things work, you might try going into your C:/World of Warcraft folder and deleting the file labeled “WTF.” It will repopulate itself when you log in again. This will delete all personal settings in WoW, so use with caution. All your characters and etc. will remain in tact.

Good luck to you.

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