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Burning Crusade Sold

Burning Crusade Sold
Can someone else play my copy of Warcraft if I’ve canceled my account?

I bought the game in February but decided it wasn’t for me before the month was over. To avoid being charged for another month of online play, I canceled my account.

If I sell or give my game discs to a friend, will he be able to create an account using the authentication key in the box and play? I have not purchased the Burning Crusade expansion pack.

I e-mailed Blizzard and asked them this, but all they would really tell me is that it is against the Terms of Use agreement. Some of my friends are looking to play and I figure that Blizzard wouldn’t mind another WoW junkie paying $15.00 a month. :-)

I believe so…

More or less, you are paying just for the online account. It would be like adding to another computer. As long as you dont pay it too than you are fine, but it sounds like you arent going to.

WoW sounds cheaper than EverCRACK

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Which one of these would make the best World of Warcraft shirt?

Please tell me which one of the below would make the best shirt for World of Warcraft. Please pick one for each section. Thanks.

1. My epic gear is in the wash
2. I’m not lazy, I’m just working on my rest bonus
3. Less Q.Q more Pew Pew
4. Level ?? Humanoid
5. White Linen Shirt / Chest – Cloth / +5 Armor
6. WWLD? What would Leeroy do?
7. /facepalm
8. Not tonight dear… I have a raid

1. Freeze, Blink, Bubble & Run
2. Bind on pickup
3. When in doubt, BubbleHearth out!
5. Friends don’t let friends play alliance
6. Me… like… Shiiiney

haha awesome quotes

Best one for guy: White Linen Shirt / Chest – Cloth / +5 Armor
Best one for girl: or Friends don’t let friends play alliance

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