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Lich King Dungeons

Lich King Dungeons
does this mean the girl likes me???

ok so i have a problem. a while back our dungeon master lord elrich the ninth let some girl named Tamantha play dnd with us. i thought she shouldnt lay because we all know that girls cant play dnd and they should go back and hang out with the cool football players because they dont know how good a guy can be and nice and stuff. anyway so this girl rolled up an elf wizard, and at the time i thought she was being dumb. but then when we were in combat for our lives against the evil lich king she cast a 8th level Tenser’s Defenestration, which deflected the lich kings evil bolt of lightning at the cost of her life points. i used a potion to save her life though. did she do this because she likes me? help!!!!

i think you might be invoking the devil with your evil books, so no girl will go near your tiny peepee that the Lord has now cursed

Wrah of the Lich King – The Nexus (New Dungeon)

Burning Crusade Quest Helper

World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade: Cant get the quest helper addon.

Iv’e been searching for a while but i need the quest helper addon that works on the current World of Warcraft Burning Crusade. I need somebody to give me a link to a place where I can download it and it works fine. If you are going to recommend www.curse.com give me some instructions with it i find it too complicating

You should get WoWMatrix. It is an awesome add-ons downloader and all that i have tried work. There is basically every add-on you can find anywhere. Quest helper, Cartographer, All Atlas’s, All Titans, TONS of Fubar, and tons of proffession and class help things. All you have to do is download it (safe and free i swear) and install the add-ons you want. It automatically shows updates you need each you open it also.
Hope this helps you like it did for me and my bros.

World of Warcraft quest help

Warcraft Lore Guide

Warcraft Lore 10 Enter World of Warcraft