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Warcraft Warrior Race

Warcraft Warrior Race
I’m new to world of warcraft. What race / class should I get? ?

I don’t want too much spellcaster / magical kind of stuff. I also prefer the Alliance over the Horde. Right now I’m looking between warrior and rogue. I kind of like rogue.

Well, if you like rogues and the Alliance, I recommend rogue gnomes. Also, if you want to become a warrior, Orc Warriors are the best. Although they are part of the Horde, i think Horde is really fun ^^
You should look at the race advantages, like for example..
Orcs are specialized with axes
Tauren have more HP
Humans recieve double rate of reputation
Gnomes have increased skill in engineering.
(and so on)

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Mage Raiding Wotlk

Mage Raiding Wotlk
World of Warcraft – Catacalysm. Will this be a problem for me levelling my level 33?

Okay so i have a level 33 mage and im a pretty slow leveller. I probably wont get to 80 before cata.
so im sittin here thinking.. when cata comes out, my guess will probably level 65.
but im wondering… will anyone even be doing class, bc and Wotlk Dungeons anymore? Or raids?
how am i going to get my good enough gear to be able to go in a cata raid when no one will probably even do wotlk dungs or raids anymore? what do u think?

Of course people will still do pre-cata dungeons! There are always others who have not leveled to 80 either or experienced players who have alts that they will be trying to level. You are very right that the first week or so of Cataclysm you will see longer wait times in the lower level dungeon queue as people will be working on getting their mains to 85 rather than leveling their alts! This shouldn’t be too much of a problem; while you are waiting, go quest! Explore Azeroth, the Outlands, and Northrend! You will catch a few people doing old raids for achievements, and you can join in for some gear, experience and XP if you want! However, once you hit 80, you will want to do new raids, so don’t worry about running through Karazhan and Naxxramas too much!

I am a slow leveler, too, so I completely understand! But there was always someone to level with or run a dungeon with! Plus, those were the days when you had to manually put together a group; its much easier now! Good luck, and I hope I helped!

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Warcraft Hunter Attributes

Which attributes are more important for a Hunter on World of Warcraft?

I have been told by some that Intellect is most important while others say its Agility.
and how important is “attack power”?

Attack power is pretty much increases your melee and ranged damage.

Agility increases your critical strike rating, attack power, and armor when your a hunter or rogue

Id say agility and stamina at low lvl and maybe a litle bit of intellect. Once you hit lvl 60-70 go for more items that have attack power crit rating agility stamina and ect.

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